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The electronic version of the South Weber Codes below are provided for reference only. If you desire the complete authorized ordinances and codes, please contact the city office.

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 Title 1 -  Administration
Chapter 1, Official City Code
Chapter 2, Saving Clause
Chapter 3, Definitions
Chapter 4, General Penalty
Chapter 5, Mayor and City Council
Chapter 6, Officers and Employees
Chapter 7, Municipal Elections
Chapter 8, City Manager
 TITLE 2 - Boards And Commissions
 Title 3 - Business And License Regulation
Chapter 1, General License Provisions
Chapter 2, Businesses Regulated
Chapter 3, Liquor Control
Chapter 4, Sexually Oriented Businesses
Chapter 5, Sales and Use Tax
Chapter 6, Municipal Energy Sales and Use Tax
Chapter 7, Telecommunication License Tax
 Title 4 - Public Health And Safety
Chapter 1, Fire Department
Chapter 2, Nuisances
Chapter 3, Abandoned Vehicles
Chapter 4, Garbage and Refuse
Chapter 5, General Health Regulations
Chapter 6, Litter; Handbills
Chapter 7, Offensive Businesses and Facilities
 Title 5 - Police Regulations
Chapter 1, Police Protection
Chapter 2, Animal Control
Chapter 3, Offenses
 - Article A, Minors; Curfew
 Title 6 - Motor Vehicles And Traffic
Chapter 1, Uniform Traffic Control: General Provisions
 Title 7 - Public Ways And Property
Chapter 1, Streets, Sidewalks and Public Ways
Chapter 2, Street and Sidewalk Construction
Chapter 3, Excavations
Chapter 4, Municipal Property, Use and Control
Chapter 5, Bridge Safety
Chapter 6, Telecommunications Rights-Of-Way
 Title 8 - Water And Sewer
Chapter 1, Water Use and Service
Chapter 2, Backflow and Cross-Connections
Chapter 3, Sewer Service Regulations
Chapter 4, Secondary Water
 Title 9 - Building Regulations
Chapter 1, Building Code and Requirements 
Ordinance 08-01, passed & adopted January 8, 2008
Chapter 2, Plumbing Code 
Ordinance 08-01, passed & adopted January 8, 2008
Chapter 3, Fire Code  
Ordinance 07-17, passed & adopted August 28, 2007
Chapter 4. Mechanical Code 
Ordinance 08-01, passed & adopted January 8, 2008
Chapter 5, Electrical Code 
Ordinance 08-01, passed & adopted January 8, 2008
 Title 10 - Zoning Regulations
Chapter 1, General Provisions
Chapter 2, Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 3, Planning Commission
Chapter 4, Board Of Adjustment
Chapter 5, Zoning Districts
   - Article A, Residential Moderate Density Zone (R-M)
   - Article B, Residential Low-Moderate Density Zone (R-LM)
   - Article C, Residential High Density Zone (R-H)
   - Article D, Residential Low Density Zone (R-L)
   - Article E, Agricultural Zone (A)
   - Article F, Agricultural-Aircraft Hazard Zone (A-10)
   - Article G, Commercial Zone (C)
   - Article H, Highway-Commercial Zone (C-H)
   - Article I, Transitional Light Industrial Zone (T-1)
   - Article J, Natural Resource Zone (N-R)
   - Article K, Professional Office Zone (PO)
   - Article L, Light Industrial Zone (L-I)
   -- Ordinance 08-03, passed & adopted February 26, 2008
Chapter 6, Natural Resource Excavations
Chapter 7, Conditional Uses
   - Article A, In Home Daycare Centers And Preschools
   - Article B, Service Accessory Uses
   - Article C, Twin Homes
   - Article D, Planned Dwelling Groups
   - Article E, Group Homes
   - Article F, Recreational (Travel Trailer) Vehicle Park
   - Article G. Kennels
   - Article H, Electronic Communication Facilities And Equipment
   - Article I, Planned Unit Developments (PUD)
   - Article J, Model Homes
   - Article K, Business Uses In Residential And Agricultural Zones
Chapter 8, Off Street Parking And Loading
Chapter 9, Sign And Lighting Regulations
Chapter 10, Nonconforming Uses, Structures And Signs
Chapter 11, Supplementary And Qualifying Regulations
Chapter 12, Architectural Site Plan Review
Chapter 13, Industrial Parks; Special Regulations
Chapter 14, Sensitive Lands Development Regulations
Chapter 15, Landscape Regulations
 Title 11 - Subdivision Regulations
Chapter 1, General Provisions
Chapter 2, Administration And Enforcement
Chapter 3, Plats And Plans
Chapter 4, Improvement Requirements
Chapter 5, Guarantee Of Performance
Chapter 6, Impact Fees
 Title 12 - Flood Control
Chapter 1, Authority, Findings, Purpose And Objectives
Chapter 2, Definitions
Chapter 3, General Provisions
Chapter 4, Administration
Chapter 5, Provisions For Flood Hazard Reduction

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